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Wedding Tips

Why Are Wedding Detail Photos So Important?

Lately I have been taking the time to put more emphasis on photographing the details of my brides and grooms. Maybe you have noticed? You could even be thinking to yourself… “but why?!?!” There are so many big pieces that go into planning a wedding. What about the little things you spend time planning too? Everything from the invitations you will send out, to the perfume your new spouse will smell on you the first time you embrace on your big day. Those details deserve to be remembered too.

Photography is like a book, telling the story of a wedding day but with pictures. Could you imagine opening a book and it jumping right into the most important part of the storyline? Not many people would read through the book. They want to feel connected, like they know the character the story is about.

Photographing details is the story telling version of getting to know the bride and groom. Well styled details set the tone for the feel for the rest of your wedding photos! They are the opening scene of chirping birds and romantic music of your wedding day. Your details truly are little pieces of who you are as individuals and as a couple.

Sure we could throw all of your details down and snap a quick photo. But would they match up with the romance that is the rest of your day? Probably not. Taking time to style your details while incorporating elements from other parts of your day such as the lace at the bottom of your gown, or some of the same florals used in your bouquet or centerpieces, weaves the pieces of your story together seamlessly.

Let’s look at a few of the pieces I typically include in details photos and what role they play in your one of a kind wedding story:


The first piece I base the big details photo around is your invitation. Your invitation is the who, what and when of your wedding story. It’s the first piece of your planning that all of your guests get to lay eyes on. This also gives your guests a feel for the colors, theme and feel of what your wedding day will be like.


Whether you are using fresh or faux florals, I always try to arrange with your florist for a few loose blooms to be left aside for me to include in details photos. Your florals are one of the few things that will be present in just about every part of your wedding day from your bouquet, to your ceremony and typically in your reception. Including them in your details photos ties them in to the entire day!


Your rings symbolize your marriage and commitment to one another. After all, that is the entire reason you are planning a wedding. You carefully hand picked your rings specifically for the love of your life. Including them in your details photos is an absolute must have! They are the biggest pieces of who you are individually and as a couple.


Whether its the necklace and earrings you will wear or the tie and watch with a special meaning, these little pieces of each of you really add to the story telling part of your details photos. They are unique to who each of you and you put a lot of careful thought into them. They typically tie into your overall outfit. Truly they are one of the first glimpses of what you will look like on your wedding day that someone gets to see when looking at your photos. It helps them to start visualizing you and what you will look like when you walk down the aisle!


This is probably one of the details closest to my heart. My husband and I spent long hours searching and smelling for the scents we would wear for our wedding day. For us, we knew that those smells would bring the feelings and memories flooding back each time we wore them after our wedding day. I love to include them in details because they are the one detail your guests will never get to physically see.


Seating cards, programs, menus and any other paper products you spent time hand selecting while planning your wedding make great additions to your detail photos! They help to tie in other parts of the day including your ceremony and reception!


If my couples are writing their own vows or take the time to write letters to one another, I absolutely include them in details photos! They are another small detail that often go unnoticed and deserve to be documented because they have such a special meaning and are a big part of your story. They usually bring out the most emotion from the brides or grooms!


When possible I will often use the train of your dress or your veil as the base for styling your details. They pull in a piece of the bride and make for a dreamy and romantic background for styling your pieces together. Soft, romantic lace or tulle that comes right from a part of your day helps to create one of a kind photos!

Care In Styling Your Details

As your photographer, starting the day styling your details helps get me in the creative mood and to visualize your entire day. I have spent so much time learning HOW to style your details so that they feel unique to you. If you are a soft and romantic couple, I am going to use light colors, delicate ribbon and style them in a way that tells your love story in a more gentle way. If you are a more outgoing and bold couple I will use more textured elements and pops of color in styling your details so that they feel true to who you are!

No two stylings should ever be the same! Your wedding is special and one of a kind. Your details are unique to who you both are and should be styled like so. Pulling in different pieces of each of you and parts of your day helps make your details genuine to your wedding, and your wedding only!

Getting to know my couples throughout their engagement and wedding planning helps me to photograph their entire day from start to finish in a way that is going to compliment them and showcase the hard work and attention put in to each and every detail, even the ones that may go unseen. Someday we won’t be around to tell our own love stories to future help generations. I don’t feel that I am serving my couples to the fullest if I am not creating albums and image galleries that tell the full wedding day stories from start to finish (details included). Long after the music fades and the sun sets on your once in a lifetime day, you will want to remember every detail, no matter how big or small.

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