A Burgundy White Rose Barn Wedding | Kali + Matt


Kali and Matt shared such an incredible and emotional day for their burgundy White Rose Barn Wedding. The crisp, fall October air was the perfect atmosphere for these two to exchange their vows in front of their closest friends and family. I know it was everything they could have hoped and dreamed of and more.

The day started with Kali and her bridesmaids getting ready in the on site suite just outside the venue. When I arrived Kali was just starting her hair, with makeup already applied. Just to the left of her hung her gorgeous gown along side her bridesmaids beautiful burgundy dresses. I knew right away they were all going to look PERFECT! It was great to see how relaxed and excited they all were, enjoying the morning’s festivities. After greeting them and gathering Kali’s details, I headed to the barn to get started photographing all of their special things.

Not long after I got started styling their invitation, Matt and his groomsmen arrived. I could tell right away this was going to be a fun group of guys as they were laughing, joking and having the best time. I felt like the time flew by. As I wrapped up their detail photos, it was time to get Matt into his navy suit, and he looked sharp with his custom suit and tie clip! Once he was dressed it was time to get Kali into her gown.

We cleared the bridal suite to allow Kali and her mom to share a moment as she was zipped into her dress. The tears began flowing. Kali was a stunning sight to see as she put on her accessories and shoes. She was a beautiful bride from head to toe. After she was completely ready, we headed to the spot where she would share a first look with her bridesmaids. They were blown away by how radiant she looked, and the tears continued to flow!

After her first look with her bridesmaids, she headed inside the barn where she shared one of the most emotional father-daughter first looks I have ever witnessed. They both were in tears, it was hard to keep a dry eye myself as I captured the moment. Once they had dried their tears, we tucked Kali away into the loft for her to hide until ceremony time.

Matt and his groomsmen had waited on the back patio while we got Kali into hiding, sneaking Matt in just long enough for he and Kali to share a first touch and to read letters to one another. They both were crying by the time it was over. Then it was finally time groomsmen portraits. These men looked so dapper in their suits with custom liners, and I loved how they couldn’t stop laughing and joking. They were the perfect group of guys to stand by Matt’s side.

Before long, it was ceremony time. The benches filled with guests who couldn’t wait to watch these two tie the knot. The music began and the parents and bridal party made their way down the aisle. When the last person was in place, the music began and the doors to the barn opened. The guests were in awe of how incredible Kali looked. Matt had chosen to keep his head town until Kali had reached the spot where the aisle met the benches so that he could fully appreciate her beauty. When he looked up and laid eyes on her for the first time that day, he was overcome with emotion. His eyes filled with tears as he saw his soon to be wife.

Their ceremony was was sweet, with traditional vows and the lighting of the same unity candle that Kali’s parent had lit on their wedding day, many years ago. The guests cheered with excitement as they shared their first kiss and were pronounced husband and wife. After making their way back down the aisle, we took family photos, bridal party photos and some amazing photos of these newlyweds. Kali and Matt couldn’t wait to party, and party they did!

The reception began with grand entrances, followed by first dance, cake cutting and a yummy dinner from Village Catering. After dinner, they shared parent dances and the dance floor finally opened. Throughout the entire night, it was rare to find a moment these two weren’t out on the dance floor busting a move. Surrounded by so many guests, they were clearly having so much fun. It was truly a perfect day for them that ended with a last dance in their empty venue and glow stick exit!

I still cannot believe Kali and Matt are married. I could not have imagined their day any different. It was truly such an honor to be part of their once in a life time day and to witness the love these two share for one another. I am excited to see what the future holds for both of them. I know no matter what, they will get through anything together and share a long life of love and happiness!

Enjoy some of my favorite images from Kali and Matts Burgundy White Rose Barn Wedding!

  1. Brianna says:

    These are such beautiful photos to capture such a beautiful day! Congratulations, Matt and Kali! We love you so much♥️

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