Choosing the Perfect Getting Ready Location

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I am sure you are dreaming of each and every part of your wedding day, right down to starting your wedding morning sipping champagne and enjoying the company of the people you have hand picked to stand by your side on one of the biggest day of your lives. This part of you wedding day sets the stage for the rest of your day!

By then, all of the little details will have been taken care of, and you will want to be relaxed and pampered surrounded by your people. Its the time when you delegate anything that still needs done so that you can focus on you and all that your day will be.

When choosing the perfect spot to start your day, there are few things to look for:

The first thing I recommend you look for in a getting ready space is plenty of space. Whether your wedding party is small and intimate or larger (because you love so many people!), a getting ready space can get very cramped in hurry. Typically not everyone is getting hair and makeup done at the same time, so its important to choose a space with room to spread out.

Windows are a must. The more, the bigger, the better. Trust me, your makeup artist will be thanking you too. The orange tinted lights in most spaces are never flattering to anyone in photos.

Designate a person or two to organize your getting ready space. It is amazing how no matter the size of your wedding party, how quickly a space can become disheveled. When it comes time for you to get dressed, we will be creating some of the most timeless portraits of your wedding day. The last thing you will want is to look back on your photos and see the clutter.

These tips apply to groom getting ready spaces too!

When considering your over all wedding day gallery and the design of your wedding album, choosing a place that matches the aesthetic of your wedding will help create an overall cohesive look and feel to your wedding photos. For example, if you are planning a romantic and ethereal wedding with vintage touches, choosing a space that is very modern with dark walls and contemporary decor can often lend to your photos feeling very out of place in your gallery. While it is not a “must”, its a small piece that can make all the difference!

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