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Seville Ohio Farm Couple’s Session | Heather & Danny


The weather could not have been more perfect for Heather and Danny’s Farm Couple’s Session. The temperature was warm and welcomed. It all played together perfectly to create these wonderful memories for two amazing people.

Heather began planning her wedding just a week after I myself had just walked down the aisle to marry my best friend in October of 2019. She reached out to me to see what my calendar looked like for 2020. She wanted a simple reception as they had discussed eloping around the holidays because they could not wait to be married! We set a date for September of 2020 and she began planning.

Heather and Danny tied the knot in a simple ceremony in December of 2019 surrounded by their immediate family. She continued planning their reception and then decided that what they had done was already enough. They were ready to live their lives and start a family. She immediately reached out to me to let me know that they would not be moving forward with their reception. However, we decided to still do something special to commemorate the newly married season of their life!

We set her date and we waited. The day itself could not have been more perfect when I arrived at Danny’s family apple orchard, Geig’s . I met them at the front of the property and hopped in the truck with Heather. She filled me in that they wanted photos in the field she and Danny owned behind the orchard, where they had wheat planted to feed their cattle. We started the bumpy drive to the back, catching up on lost time and life as married women. We laughed and reminisced on our days spending time together and stories of our youth.

We met Danny at the field with a tractor he had pieced together from boxes, and it was BEAUTIFUL! Their field backs up to the 71 Highway, but you would never know. I guided Danny to park the tractor in the ideal spot shaded just slightly by the trees and out of the bright 10am sun. The aesthetic could not have been more perfect.

Their session was short and sweet, filled with a lot of laughs, sweet kisses and cute nuzzles! As much as we were thankful for the great weather, the warm sun quickly got warmer. It didn’t take us long to capture these great photos and many more. It may not have been the wedding photos Heather had originally planned, but I think these are truly more who they are as a couple, and thats what matters most. I know they will look back on these photos for many years to come and someday tell their children how meeting them was more important than any party they could have thrown.

Here are just a few of my favorites from Heather and Danny’s session!

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