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Ashland Ohio Farm Engagement | Joe & Nicole


Joe and Nicole’s Ashland Farm Engagement Session was nothing short of amazing. I never doubted for a moment that it would be anything less than perfect. I mean, you can just see how much these two truly love each other. Then of course when you add anything farm, or outdoors… talk about swoon worthy!

I have known Joe for about ten years. We have been in the same circle of friends since my junior year of high school. He and my dear hubby go as far back as grad school and Boy Scouts. I spent a lot of late nights bundled up in Carharts watching Kyle and Joe fixing tractors and building things.

Fast forward a few years later to when Nicole came into Joe’s life. I could not have hand picked a more perfect life partner for such a hard working man. She is equally as hard working and dedicated to building a strong life with him. It’s truly an inspiration to watch two people who genuinely want the same things and both put their whole hearts into it.

It’s just a normal night for these two to be out in the fields planting or harvesting well into the dark hours, paths being guided by the headlights of their tractors. This session at their farm was so fitting for them. Capturing them in their element, I couldn’t have imagined anywhere else.

I was so proud of Joe when he came to greet me at the car, boasting that he had used brake cleaner to get every last bit of grease from his hands. If you are the wife of mechanic, you know exactly what I am talking about. Our version of “clean” is very different from theirs. But you could tell he wanted nothing more than to look his best to give Nicole the photos she would love so much.

Their outfits were the perfect mix of them and who they are! I am sure Nicole picked them out, but we will let Joe think he had a hand in coordinating them so well. There is no way I could pick a favorite. I loved all three of their outfit choices.

I can’t wait to be a part o their wedding this September. It’s going to be an amazing day full of so much emotion. I am excited to watch these two take the next step in starting the rest of their lives together.

Here are just a few of my favorites from Joe and Nicole’s Farm Engagement session!

  1. Amy Tanner says:


  2. Andrea Croft says:

    So proud to have Joe as my nephew!!! Now our family will have a new addition that will be perfect!
    Welcome Nicole! Love, Aunt Andrea

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