A Year To Be Thankful For


Its definitely safe to say that 2019 has been a year to be thankful for, in both my business and my personal life. Its hard to believe that the wedding I planned for over 2 years has come and gone and that my sole focuses now can be my marriage and my business. I’m amazed at how much my business has flourished since running at it with full steam in the last 2 months. So, now its time to be thankful.

I have spent the last year feeling under water. Between planning a wedding and trying to set my business up for success in the upcoming year, I was drowning. Looking back though, it was nothing short of amazing. I planned a perfect wedding, took lots of online classes and met so many new clients. Every second of stress was worth it. My calendar and my cup runneth over.

My heart has grown so full of clients who have become friends and a few even like family. I’ve watched families flourish and grow. The weddings I captured last year turned into babies I got to love on this year. While I may not see my clients on a regular basis, I have followed their stories every step of the way. When they get a promotion I cheer. I smile when I see their sweet date nights. You’ll find me jumping up and down when they announce they are expecting. I mourn when they experience any kind of loss. They often say photography is a doorway to the soul. This year has shown me so many doorways that connect me to my clients in a way most will never understand.

Today and the days leading into the weekend there will be much to be thankful for. We will be thankful for family and friends, food, traditions, laughter, warmth and love. I will be thankful for my new husband, the house we call home, the studio I now also call home, the amazing people that made my wedding possible, and I am thankful for you.

Each and every single one of you who likes a post, shares a photo or takes a moment to read the blog. The impact these actions have on a small business is greater than you’ll ever know. So this year, I am especially thankful for you. Thank you for all of the support. I hope your Thanksgiving is full of love and warmth. From my heart to yours, thank you. And may your pie be extra yummy this year!

All my best,


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