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August 2, 2021



A Summer Field Engagement | Matt + Alyssa

Matt and Alyssa are the definition of a fun-loving couple. It’s amazing how much they smile and make each other laugh. Their Summer Field Engagement was nothing short of amazing and joyful. Thank goodness for a swipe right on Tinder, because these two are absolutely perfect for each other.

You know a couple is meant to be together when one of them is a Steelers fan and the other a Browns fan, and the spend their first date at the stadium watching their teams play one another and still decide to go on a second date! Despite the cold temperatures, they had an absolute blast.

Equally as cute is the story of their proposal. Matt and Alyssa were taking family Christmas photos with their adorable daughter when the photographer asked them to take a “mom and dad only” photo and Matt pulled out a ring. What makes it even sweeter was that Matt had also brought a ring for their daughter, because she always asks daddy if he would marry her. *Cue the tears*. Alyssa cried, and of course said yes!!

Summer of 2022 cannot come fast enough. Matt and Alyssa are planning a romatic-rustic wedding and I can’t wait to watch these two tie the knot. There are sure to be tons of laughs and not a dry eye in the crowd.

Until their special day, enjoy a few of my favorite photos from their Summer Field Engagement Session!


  1. Alyssa says:

    I cannot wait to see more!:)

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