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We could not have asked for a more perfect day for Mallory and Tyler’s Fall Ohio Wedding. Their day was spent surrounded by so much love and joy despite getting married in the middle of a pandemic. Watching the love these two shared for one another was nothing short of incredible and I am so happy to be here sharing the story of their wedding with you!

I arrived to Mallory’s Nana’s house the day of their wedding to find the house bustling with family and bridesmaids ready to see the beautiful bride off! The girls were huddled around the sliding door putting on their makeup and listening to some super fun music! Mallory was legit GLOWING, ya’ll! She was smiling ear to ear and you could tell she couldn’t wait to marry her very best friend!

While the girls finished makeup, I gathered up a few of their wedding details to create some beautiful photos! Mallory’s blingy Vans shoes were so fitting for her. I truly couldn’t have imagined her in any other type of shoes. I had so much fun photographing them! They complimented her simple yet flirty dress so dang well.

A Sweet First Look With Dad

I feel like the time flew by because before I knew it, it was time to put her in her dress and get ready for a sweet first look with her dad! Watching her mom zip her up was so touching. I love that she made sure to include her sister and her aunt in her getting ready too. Seeing her surrounded by so many loving women was the best!

Mallory’s dad pulled into the driveway just as she was finishing putting her shoes on. We tucked her away in a back bedroom to keep her look a surprise. But that wasn’t the only surprise in store for this moment. Before I could get her dad into place, he had to run back out to grab a special handkerchief he and her mom had made for her. Once he was in place, Mallory made her way down the stairs and stopped just shy of where he was standing.

She called his name and when he turned around he was overcome with tears. You could feel the love and bond these two shared. As they admired one another dressed so beautifully, I turned around to see the group of bridesmaids and family watching, and there wasn’t a dry eye among them.

With a chill in the air, we wrapped up their first look and quickly moved through bridesmaid photos before I took off to see Tyler and his groomsmen. It was the perfect distance from Mallory to Tyler’s parents as they were getting ready less than a mile apart!

The Good Time Groomsmen

Tyler’s house was bustling when I arrived, full of joking groomsmen ready to celebrate the day! Tyler shared a sweet moment with his mom, pinning his boutonniere before we headed outside for groomsmen’s photos! I am still not sure how we got any serious photos of this group of guys because they were laughing and having a blast the entire time we were taking photos!

An Elegant Navy and Burgundy Vibe

As soon as we wrapped up photos, I headed to their venue to get some photos of their ceremony and reception details before guests started arriving. I was blown away by their elegant navy blue and burgundy decor! I loved the gold accents of the terrariums lit up by the twinkling fairy lights. Their arch and ceremony back drop definitely stole the show though! I was in awe of the beautiful drapery and the rustic but elegant arch, and its unique shape!

Shortly after I snapped a few photos, guests started arriving to be seated. In the blink of an eye the chairs where filled and the music started. Tyler made his way down the aisle, followed by the groomsmen and then the bridesmaids. I teared up and laughed all at the same time when Mallory’s grandmas appeared with baskets full of petals and began tossing them as the flower girls, joyfully laughing their way down the aisle! I don’t think there was anyone present who didn’t laugh, at least a little.

The song changed and within moments, Mallory started her walk down the aisle arm in arm with her dad. Her guests rose to their feet and watch as she gracefully moved towards the altar. Tyler, overcome with emotion began wiping away the sweetest tears that filled his eyes at the sight of his beautiful bride!

Their ceremony was simple and quick, sharing vows and exchanging rings. The guests began clapping and cheering as Mallory and Tyler were pronounced husband and wife and shared their first kiss as newly weds! Watching them celebrate and smile as they walked back down the aisle.

We quickly headed outside to take their husband and wife photos because fall in Ohio means an early sunset. In the few moments we had to capture these special moments, we created some GORGEOUS photos. If Mallory didn’t look like a goddess… Seriously.

Party Party Party!

We headed back in after their portraits to take a few quick bridal party photos and family photos in front of their arch. As soon as we finished these two and their crew were ready to party!

They had a delicious dinner provided by Sterks Catering followed by cutting their absolutely dreamy cake complete with gold leaf flakes! Mad Batter really outdid themselves! Tyler and Mallory then shared their first dance, followed by a sweet father daughter dance and an adorable mother son dance! The room filled with tears though, when the DJ called Mallory and her mom back to the dance floor. Her Nana had contacted the DJ and asked that he arrange for Mallory and her mom to share a special dance as well.

As the formal dances wrapped up and the party music started, the guests began flooding the dance floor. There wasn’t a moment of the night that dance floor wasn’t packed with people having the best time ever.

To My Sweet Couple,

Mallory and Tyler, sharing this incredible day with you was amazing. I know getting to this point hasn’t been easy. This year has thrown you many curveballs but you made it! I know that if you can survive this, your love will continue to grow stronger and stronger. Always keep choosing each other, and putting each other first. Never stop sharing a love like Johnny and June!

Check out a few of my favorite photos from Tyler and Mallory’s Fall Ohio Wedding

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    A perfect day beautifully told. ♥️

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