A Downtown Cleveland Engagement Session | Britt and Mere


Britt and Mere often say what started as a simple wedding has turned into a Best of Cleveland Wedding unintentionally, so they wanted the same for their engagement session! These two are truly excited to share with their friends and family, all the things they love about Cleveland Ohio, because it’s things they love together.

When we began talking about their engagement session, Britt and Mere knew they wanted to incorporate their love for Cleveland baseball, the Rock Hall where they will hold their ceremony and water to represent their lakeside reception. So, we mapped out a plan! We began their session at Progressive Field! What we didn’t anticipate was the Browns home opener letting out after a win! This definitely added an interesting element.

I loved Britt’s colorful and floral dress, paired with Mere’s simple khakis and top the moment they stepped out of their car! As soon as I picked up the camera, the laughter began! I encourage all of my couples at the beginning of their session to do two things. I tell them to be themselves and love on each other. If they can do that (which they do every day of their lives) then they will have a blast! It was clear that these two share a very fun and playful relationship and I loved getting to bring that out in their session.

After Progressive Field, we headed to the flats to capture the Riverwalk. IT WAS PACKED, YA’LL! I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined the bars overflowing with people on a Sunday evening. But the Browns had won their first home game, and in Cleveland that is a reason to celebrate in and of its self. We stepped down to the lower half of the Riverwalk to give Britt and Mere some privacy from all of the people at the bars. The sun was beginning to set, giving them some of the glowiest and dreamiest images! We didn’t linger long as the daylight was fading and we still had one more stop.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, another iconic Cleveland location, and the place were these two will say “I do” was the perfect place to finish up their session. I loved their casual jeans and black tee shirts for this spot. Britt and Mere had expressed wanting to incorporate the pride flag and I knew a simple outfit would allow the flag to POP! By this time in their session, these two were pro’s practically posing themselves and sharing sweet kisses without me having to tell them! The sun quickly set and we wrapped up their session, spending some time chatting by our cars. Britt and Mere shared their love story with me and all that they had overcome to get to this point. It was emotional and inspiring. I know deep down their wedding day is going to make me cry. I seriously cannot wait to celebrate them and their journey next year!

Enjoy some of my favorite’s from their Downtown Cleveland Engagement Session!

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